Course Description

An exciting in-depth hands-on course covering one of the newest and more promising aesthetic and corrective procedures – Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). This technique is widely gaining acceptance as a safe and effective addition to the world of medical aesthetics. This technique involves the use of the patient’s own blood to extract the most rejuvenative portion of the plasma for re-injection back into the patient. This cell-regenerating technique has been used for decades in sports medicine to successfully and quickly rehabilitate elite professional athletes. Patient acceptance of PRP is high, since autologous tissues are being used, with few complications.

The applications of PRP in aesthetic dermatology are numerous, and include the treating acne, acne scars, wrinkles and aging skin, alopecia and hair re-growth, and repairing sun damaged skin, Learn to safely and effectively perform PRP at your office to compliment your other aesthetic procedures, especially medical microneedling.  Discover the best indications for PRP, and appropriate patient selection to correct common aesthetic concerns of your patients.

You will learn to safely perform PRP on patients of all skin colors, and Fitzpatrick skin types. Our clinic will focus on PRP with patients of skin of color. Darker skin tones are more difficult to manage, and more likely to suffer from post-treatment complications. After completing our course, the physician will achieve a comfort level, and more comprehensive understanding of the safe management of skin of color. This course also includes selling strategies to maximize and achieve higher practice revenue and profits.

Each physician will participate in performing the complete PRP procedure, from the extraction of blood, to blood preparation, and injection techniques on actual patients.

A Certificate of Clinical Training will be given on completion of the course.

Cost: $USD 500.00