Course Description

An excellent hands-on course covering the management of acne in patients, with a strong focus on skin of color. Acne is one of the most common aesthetic skin concerns, and a particularly difficult chronic skin condition to manage. Unless the physician is equipped with the correct knowledge for handling patients, treatment failure often occurs. The purpose of this course is to discuss and outline treatment modalities for successful treatments.

This course will cover pertinent skin anatomy and physiology specifically related to the etiology of acne, patient evaluation, effective medical techniques for management, and ways to achieve success and long-term control. This will include information on chemical peels, microdermabrasion, medical micro-needling, PRP, and management of acne scars and methods of fading acne discolorations.

Hand-on training for microdermabrasion will be included. The proper and rotational use of cosmeceuticals, prescription creams and prescription medications will also be discussed as key factors to achieving long-term success.

This course is based on sound principles and dermatological experience with successful acne management. The focus on training will be on delivering the best possible outcome for your patient using both medical office treatments, and home-care regimes. The focused training product lines will be the Dermalogics Medical Acne Line, and the Melanopeel Skin Clarity System. Access to valuable online material will also be given.

Acne and acne scars are more difficult to manage on skin of color, and this course includes extensive and valuable information on managing darker skin-tones.

This course is a must for any physician serious about incorporating aesthetic skin care management into their practice, and for any physician with a practice of varied ethnicities.

A Certificate of Clinical Training will be given on completion of the course.

Cost: USD $1000.00